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Thursday, April 26, 2007
why o why?!

Nooooooooooo! Our trip to Iloilo was cancelled. Darn! I was soooooooo excited. tsk tsk tsk. How sad. That darn sponsor of my dad. He didn't give me a ticket to Iloilo. My dad got mad. In result, he decided he would not go without me. It is his way of "demanding". hehe. My dad really loves me. And I love him too eventhough we usually fight.

I hate it! But anyway, I'm going to Manila on May 2nd. tsk tsk. My performance is getting near. Oh noooooo! Gotta practice.

{love@10:30 AM}
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
that luau presentation + my dreams = my post for today..

It has been four days since we had our presentation. It was fine. My day was great. We were having fun until we finished our presentation. My mom arrived to pick me up. She said dad's mad again so we have to go home. I didn't even have the chance to eat there. It was oh so nakakainis. I really wanna cry that time. Why can't they understand? You see, I have dreams. I wanna do a lot of things. I wanna do this, do that, but they won't let me. Sometimes, I think if I would always follow them, I won't accomplish anything. I won't be able to reach my dreams. Anyway, it's not just that that I cried about that night. I cried about the things that I would be missing that day. I read Weanne's blog. And I was sooooooo sad that I wasn't there. I mean this would be my last year in high school and I'm not having so much fun. Well, of course, I'm having fun but not as much friends do. I'm getting sooo dramatic at this moment. So might as well stop talking about this. It's already done. We can't do anything about it. hihi.

Let's talk about happy things. I'm going to Iloilo this Thursday! weeeeeee! I'm so excited. My dad has a convention there. hehe. That's one advantage if your parents are doctors. They have conventions in different places and you can go along with them too. In those conventions, they give away freebies. hihi. They're really useful. My parents wasnt me to become a doctor. I'm having second thoughts on that. I mean, I'm not good in Science although I study in Philippine Science High School. It's such an irony. I really wanted to become a film maker. I was inspired while we're making our English 3 projects. We made a trailer and a movie. But I think there's no school that gives courses related to that here in the Philippines. About that, my mom's been discouraging me to be a film maker. My cousin in the US took that course about film. She even went to Paris. But she said it's hard if you have no connections. And now, she's taking up Medicine. Does that mean I shouldn't pursue that dream of mine? *sigh*

The Suzuki Asian Conference is fast approaching. Wish me luck on my performace. hihi.


{love@11:19 AM}
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Thursday, April 19, 2007
busy busy me!

Yes! Finally, my summer is not that boring anymore. I'm quite busy right now, practicing for our presentation tomorrow at the Execom (Executive Committee). It will be a meeting of all PSHS System directors. They'll be having a Luau. So our group, MusikaRisyo and the Chorale, would be performing. I'd be performing 2 solo dances. haha. Grabe na itech!

Also, I'm busy practicing my violin piece for the Suzuki Asian Conference. OMG! It's getting nearer and nearer. waaaaaa. Well, I hadn't practiced for two days! haha. I'll just do double time. I'm always tired whenever I get home from practice at school.

What else? I guess that would be all for now. 'Till next time. Ciao guys!

{love@5:55 PM}
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Monday, April 16, 2007
2-story blogging...

I'm slightly bored right now. Anyway, this is story #1:

I just finished playing with Weanne's blog. From this:

To this:

Her old layout was kinda unorganized. So I went to and searched for a skin that would fit her. And tada! This is what I found. Really suits for her personality. :D

Story #2:

Yesterday, we had another violin workshop with Prof. Jeffrey Solares. I really had fun. I performed my piece - Minuet 2. It turned out to be okay. Not too good, not too bad. Just ok! hihi. That's a good start. haha. Oh well, I still have to practice more for the Suzuki Asian Conference. A lot of people would be watching. So I really have to do good 'cause we're representing Tacloban City and Musika Sentra. Wish me luck guys.


Happy Birthday Bro Jim!

{love@12:22 PM}
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Saturday, April 14, 2007
happy birthday!

weeeee. It's Gagerz' 1st birthday! I never expected that this blog would stay this long. Congrats to me! hihi.

{love@7:40 AM}
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Thursday, April 12, 2007
ym doodles..

I've been infront of the computer for the whole day yesterday. I have nothing else to do here. Yesterday was my rest day for practicing violin. I let my fingers rest for a while since they hurt a little. I just chatted in ym, blogged, updated my friendster profile, and others. Johann, my schoolmate and chatmate, and I were quite bored. He choose Doodles as our IMvironment. Instead of typing, we doodled. haha. Then, I started drawing something. Suddenly, my computer restarted by itself. So, my "masterpiece" was lost. hehe. Then, we decided to draw. See what boredom can do?

Those were our masterpieces. haha. Cute ayt? I did not know boredom can produce such masterpieces. lol.

{love@9:05 AM}
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
cute emo guy

Last night, we went to my aunt's house. She invited us for dinner 'cause she's going back to the US. And there, I saw Mr. Cute Emo Guy. I actually don't know his name. hehe. He kinda looked like that, only cuter. A boy with eyeglasses and some accesories. A boy in shirt, pants and chucks. He's sooooooooooooo CUTE!

Anyway, I was testing my friends about him. They usually ask if we talked. But, unfortunately, we did not talk. I was not actually expecting for us to talk. ASA PA! hehe. I wish I'd see him again soon.

{love@9:48 AM}
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Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm full of regrets at this moment. The biggest regret that I have right now, is being absent from my violin lessons for two months. Well, it's not all my fault, my fault is only 75%. lol. I could have been part of the Consort and perform with them in the Suzuki Conference this May. waaaa. Wasak na ang pangarap na yan. I try to comfort myself by thinking that I could still join the Consort but not this time. Just some other time.

Nevertheless, I could still go to the Suzuki Conference to be held in La Salle Greenhills. I would perform a solo too. Actually, everyone in Musika Sentra would perform solos. I would be playing Minuet 2 by J. S. Bach in violin. God, it's hard. I had to get this piece within this week 'cause I would be playing for Prof. Solares. I'm nervous to the highest level. My fingers are hurting right now but I have to bear it.

*sigh* Wish me luck guys. God, help me with this. I offer it to you. :)

Happy Easter!

Thanks Jim for "nevertheless". haha. Advance Happy Birthday bro!

{love@5:20 PM}
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
KDrama is love.. <3

Recently, I'm addicted to Korean movies and Korean Drama (KDrama for short). Two days ago, I finished watching Princess Hours. It really made me fall in love. hihi. It's a must-see series guys. Promise! The actors their are soooo goddamn HOT! Specially, Joo Ji-hoon. He's really hot plus his eyes are cute. Guys like him really turns me on. They're my type. haha.

Anyway, I also watched 7 Korean movies for the past 2 days. And right now, I'm on rest of watching DVDs. I've been watching DVDs day and night. haha. My friends were wondering of how I did that. I mean, non-stop watching DVDs for the whole day. Well, I could really do that. You see, I'm a couch potato and I'm proud of it. haha. I've watched the following KMovies:

I have 2 more DVDs. One contains 9 KMovies while the other has 8. I still don't know what are those movies but I'm kinda excited to watch it. hihi.

That would be all for now. Have a blessed holy week! :)

{love@2:00 PM}
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