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Friday, April 28, 2006
Kalipong oi.. haha..

I really feel weird these past few days. I don't know. hahayz. Waray ako mayakan yana. tsk tsk tsk. Maybe I'll be back a little later. hehe.

Ciao guyz!


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, today's another good day. weeeeeee! Although I'm quite exhausted, today is still a good day. heehee. I'm starting to really love my dance class especially now that me and my fellow dance classmates are getting close. hihi. I was late on the first three days of my class. Makarawod hin duro. hehe. I always get up late. Oh well, I'll just try to go there earlier. *sigh* Our class today was really funny because I was lost when we practiced one of our chereographed dances. I was laughing the whole dance. haha. I'm making myself a clown. hehe. After our practice, I was fetched by my brothers. Then, we went to LTO for my brother's renewal of his driver's license. Since it was lunchbreak when we arrived there. We just ate our lunch. I lost my patience today. I just can't take the heat inside. I was so tired from practice and walking under the heat of the sun. *sigh* Good thing I still managed to calm myself. Or else I would be having tantrums. haha. It has been a long time since my tantrums attacked. hehe. Anyway, I changed my blog skin. What do you think? Cool, right? hihi. So much for "love". haha. I think my past blog skin was so cheezy. heehee. Oh well, I guess nothing much happened today.

That would be all for now! Ciao guyz!


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Monday, April 24, 2006

Waaaah! Chaka! What's happening?! hahayz. Never mind about it. My dance class had already started. It was actually okay. Good thing I wasn't enrolled in dance aerobics, belly dancing and ballroom. I was enrolled in ballet, hawaiian and jazz. hihi. I feel so relieved. hehe. My first day in dance class turned out good. hehe. At least our class was only small. But most of my classmates were little kids. hehe. They were fun to look at. They were all cute and they're so kulit. hehe. I was shocked 'cause they have danced Sarah Geronimo's song "Lumingon Ka Lang". Weird. hehe. But anyways, it was all good. hehe. There will be another class tomorrow. hehe. I hope it would be better. Hehe. I think I was so exhausted that I slept the whole afternoon. hehe. I don't know what's happening to me that I always sleep. I can't even finish the book that I'm supposed to be reading right now. *sigh* Everything's okay between me and *toot*. We've already figured things out. I'm sorry if I said those things. I was just shocked and I was so mad that's why I said those things. I'm so sorry.

Well, I guess that would be all for now.


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Sunday, April 23, 2006
What a bad day!

What a bad day! Grabeh! It all started when I had my period. Kachaka ano? Then we went jogging in Baywalk -- Roxas Blvd. I wasn't able to catch up with my brothers because I wasn't feeling good. I thought that would be all but actually that wasn't all. We went to my cousins' house because we have nothing to do at home. In other words, para la tumambay! heehee. But unfortunately, they were leaving. But they invited us to come with them to Bulacan sice there was food. So, we agreed to go with them. Since seven people were going and we wouldn't fit in only one car. My brothers decided to bring our car. Thus, we were in two groups. My brothers and my cousins were in our car because they were all boys. While I was with my aunt and uncle. I was so conscious. haha. Since it was a not-so-long trip though it was still long, my consciousness was gone. I fell asleep. haha. I was so tired. I couldn't help. Then, we arrived in my uncle's house. We we're having fun talking and reminiscing the times when my cousins and brothers were still young. It was actually funny remembering those times. Ang kulit! heehee. Then, many people arrived. It was my uncle's friends in the army. My uncle works in the army, you know. He's a Colonel. hehe. As soon as they arrived, the eating session begun. After we ate, we were so full. We ate a lot of oysters. haha. We rested for a little while. Since, my bro Martin has an appoinment, we left there. This was the beginning of the very highlight of the day. On the way out to the expressway, there was a motorcycle before us. Then it suddenly turned. We bumped to it. Or they bumped our car. I really don't what happened. *sigh* Ka-ignorante ko nala. haha. We were stranded in that place for a very long time arranging to the mother and uncle of the dude that bumped us. It took a lot of phone calls to my parents. My parents even asked help from my uncle. But it was his brother who went to us. I don't know if he was any help but when he arrived we settled the problem. Was he any help? What do you think? Anyway, at least it's all over. Everythings okay. hahayz. What a day!

That's all folks!


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Saturday, April 22, 2006
weeeeeee! and hmph!

Yipee! I'm already enrolled in a summer workshop! Weeeeeee! At last, I'm not gonna be bored here at home. I'm so relieved. And now, my next problem.... my pagiging mahiyain. *sigh* I always get that during my first days of classes or whatsoever. And to add that shyness is my nervousness. I always wanted to delete nervousness out of my vocabulary. But what can I do? It always strikes me. tsk tsk tsk. I think it's because I'm enrolling in a dance aerobics, belly dancing, and ballroom dancing. Weird. The ballroom dancing part is okay but dance aerobics and belly dancing?! Sheesh. I really wanted Hip-hop dancing or stage acting. But oh well, I guess I have no other choice. hahayz. It will be starting on Monday. waaaaaah. I can do this. I think? Ano ba?! Hindi ako mapakali. waaaaaah. I don't know. I'm quite bothered right now, you know. I just hate people who betray me. I hate them. I hope they would burn in hell. I thought he was worth my trust again. But shit, ginawa niya akong tanga uli. Damn! Anong akala niya sa kanyang sarili?! He thinks he's all that. Hell and damnation! It akon mayayakan la "feeler" ka! Kagago nim! I just hope you can read this. And if ever you read this, I hope you know that I'm talking about you. Hmph! I'm so depressed!

That's all for now!


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Friday, April 21, 2006
Nakakainis talaga! Hmph!

Hahayz. I don't know what to do this summer. Tsk tsk tsk. It's kinda late to enroll in summer workshops right now. Kung minamalas ba naman. *sigh* I just hope na may mahanap akong workshop. Or could someone please help me find something to do this summer. Oh well, I just finished reading a novel. haha. It was "Splendid" by Julia Quinn. It was a romantic-comedy love story. It was actually nice but what I did not like about it was the "making love" part. I really never thought that there were sensitive scenes in the novel. haha.But still, nakakakilig pa rin siya except for the you-know-what. hehe. My next reading assignment is "Angels & Demons". I've already started it. hehe. I hope I'd be able to finish it as soon as possible. I have lots of books to novels to read in here. My sis has a collection. Oh yeah! At least I won't be very bored when I have nothing to do. I'm setting my target to 10 books this summer. What do you think? I know it's just a small number of books. But hey, it's my first time to set a goal like that during summer. hehe. Oh well. heehee.

That would be all for today!



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Monday, April 17, 2006
Hirap talaga!

Tsk tsk tsk. Ang hirap naman ng ginagawa ko. hehe. I have two blogs. hehe. Gumawa ako ng isa pa kasi hindi ko pa alam kung paano ko 'to papagandahin. hahayz. *sigh* Oh well, please help me. I hope someone is somehow visiting this blog of mine. tsk tsk tsk. Well, just visit my other blog -- hihi. I know this one's better but the other one is "user-friendly". hehe. Oh well, that's it for now. Please visit my other blog. hehe.

luv lots,

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! Well, this is my first post. Hihi. Actually, matagal na 'tong account ko but i never really had a time to construct it during school days. Oh well, at least i had the time this time! Weeeeee. My ex-classmate, Donna Bel Flores, suggested that i should have a blog. Thanks for reminding me of this account. Hehe. *sigh* Well, I'll just introduce myself. I'm Mara Kirstimel Li G. Bañez. My friends call me Marz for short. Many people say ang haba daw ng name ko. Hay naku, may mas mahaba pa dyan noh. Hehe. I'm currently studying in Philippine Science High School - Eastern Visayas Campus. Oh diba? astig!.Wahehe. Certified Scholar ng Bayan. Haha. Actually, chamba ko lang yun. Ahehe. I live in the beautiful city of Tacloban! But I'm in Manila right now. Having my vacation. I am the daughter of Dr. Noel S. Bañez and Dr. Socorro G. Bañez. I am the youngest among four siblings. Hehe. Hmmm. What else? I really love surfing the net, chatting, sound trip, watching movies, and lakwatsa (but now parang tintamad na ako. hahayz). Heehee. I love 6 cyclemind, Spongecola, Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls, Matchbox 20, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. etc. Hehe. I really love music especially Rn'B, Pop, Rock, Rap, Rock, and anything that has guitars. Well, that's all for now.
Luv u all! Have a nice lenten season everyone!

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