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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
happy and frustrated

It has been a very busy week for me. I lack sleep for almost 2 weeks. I always sleep late and wake up early. Well, not actually early. That's why I'm always late for school. Darn! My stipend would be deducted.

Wondering why the title of my post is "happy and frustrated"? Well, I had a happy weekend. An enjoyable one. Last weekend, we went to LIDE Learning Center Inc. in Isabel, Leyte. Our performing arts group - MusikaRisyo - performed there. We had an interactive exhibit of the indigenous musical instruments here in the Philippines. We enjoyed teaching the participants how to play the instruments that were assigned to us. the instrument that was assigned to me was the Gabbang. It is like a xylophone only that it is smaller. But during our performance it was not the only instrument that I played. Another was the Saronay. I don't know how to explain how it looks, I think it is better if you just search it in the net if you're interested. I enjoyed during our stay in Isabel. I like it there. Serenity is present everywhere. I would love to live there. Though we only stayed for 2 days and 2 nights, I really had fun being with my fellow MusikaRisyo members. Our performance in Isabel was our last performance for this month. April, May, and July would be our next performances. Anyway, here's a pic of our group.

*sigh* I'm half frustrated at this moment. Earlier, we had Oral Defense for our Research. We placed 8th among 15. During our defense, we did defend our research because our research had already been studied and proven. Our topic was "the antibacterial effect of Makahiya (Mimosa pudica l.) in E. coli and Salmonella". We were 3 steps close in being exempted in our final exam in Research. I'm quite annoyed because we spent sleepless nights despite of my tight schedule. We faced a lot of problems. We were prepared to answer their questions but it turned out that we weren't asked even one question. Since our research was already proven by others, there's no need for us to defend. At least they appreciated our Research Paper. They said it was good and complete. (note: we made it bu ourselves) Unfortunately, the defense had the biggest percentage in the criteria. Since we did not defend; surely, we had a small score in that criterion. Bythe way, I was crying in the morning when we arrived in school because we were not allowed to use the LCD projector that we brought. We did not have a lot of time to write a visual aid in Manila Paper, but still we managed to have one eventhough it was not finished. Anyway, everything has been done. I guess I'd better move on and do better in our research next school year.

The school elections is fast approaching. I just hope I'd win. I really want to lead and serve the school. To my schoolmates, please support me. :D

{love@5:49 PM}
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Thursday, February 15, 2007
soooo busy!

*sigh* It has been almost a week since I last posted. We were so busy with a lot of things. I don't wanna talk about the things that happened yesterday and today. It was sooooo irritating. The whole class was irritated about it. Argh!
Anyway, forget that. Our prom was a success! All of us enjoyed. After the ceremony and the dinner, we danced and danced. Eventhough my feet were killing me, I still danced. hehe. Here are some pics from our prom:

Me, Diane, and Keetoy

My first dance - Keetoy!


Rubidium Class

Rubidium Class Again

Say Cheeze everyone!

Pretty in blue

Me and Marvin



The Boys of our Batch with our Batch Adviser

Hi Ma'am napikat. haha.

Keetoy, Me, Rovir, and Prom Queen - JJ

Me and Sexy Jillian. wakukuku.


Who's hand is that?

Nice pose dave

The exchange of candles and flowers

Me and Kuya Farly

Weanne, Mutya, and Me

How cute..


During the ceremony


The Entrance of the Alma Mater


Taking pictures during the ceremony eh?

Before the prom

A little chit-chat before we begin



Blue gowns

Outside before the prom

Me and my bestie - Weanne

Us again

Me and the Prom Queen

Jj, me, and Cath. :)


Thanks to Weanne, Jj and Kerlyn for the pics. :D

{love@4:47 AM}
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

wenk. It's already our prom tomorrow. Still, I haven't seen my gown. I could get it tomorrow since there were some modifications to be made.

For the past week, we have practicing for the prom, especially the cotillion dancers in which I'm a part of. Only on the other day, my stomach keeps on aching. I don't know why but it really hurts. I wish I'd be okay tomorrow.

That would be all for now. Nothing much these days.

{love@8:08 PM}
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Saturday, February 03, 2007
it was fun..

wew. Our performance turned out to be great! Although it was exhausting, it was a worthwhile experience for all of us. It was really tiring to explain things over and over again. *sigh* Nevertheless, I had fun. During my solo, I had a little mistake but it wasn't that obvious. Good thing! :D

I have been wondering. How does HE do it? Go to my school and wait for me eventhough we go home late. No one has ever done that to me except for my family. *thinking*

wee. I'm happy that my activities are now lesser. *whew* Our next activity... the PROM. I still have problems about that. Since I am the class treasurer, I am obliged to collect the payment of my classmates for our prom. The problem is that, I lost it. Well, not actually. Someone stole it and I still don't know who it was. Now, I'm having problems on how to cover the amount that was stolen. I have saved some but it's still not enough. What am I going to do? :'(

*sigh* I have not yet decided if I would run in the school election. 2 out of 3 people said that I should run. The other one said it's up to me. I still need more comments! Please comment guys. Thanks.

{love@8:17 PM}
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Friday, February 02, 2007
why are people so ignorant?

The plebiscite has been done and most of the my schoolmates voted that the old constitution should not be changed. I actually voted for the new constitution; but still that wasn't enough. I just realized that many of us are ignorant people. No offense but this is reality. Admit it. Well, I admit that I ignorant sometimes. But in cases like these, we should really be careful and we should be aware of evrerything that's happening around us. Before the plebiscite, each class was given a copy of the old and new constitutions but only a few people dared to read those. Because of this ignorance, we made the wrong decision. Instead of having a much better set of incoming officials of our school, the story would be just be repeated - where the new set of officials will start from scratch. I also understand that it was not thoroughly explained to the whole school. The pros and cons were not really discussed. But we can't do anything about it. Everything has been done. Now, we have to stick to the old constitutions which has a lot of errors.

So much for that. Our report in Physics turned out great. Eventhough it was crammed, we got through it. hehe.

Anyway, tomorrow is already our performance in the Musikarisyo. I'm not nervous yet. And tomorrow, I know I'll be. Wish us luck!

*sigh* Could you guys please help me?! I'm having a hard time right now deciding if I should run in this year's Student Alliance elections. I'll really appreciate it if you comment. :D

{love@11:08 PM}
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